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Wed, Nov 18, 2020

Well here we are again at the start of a blog … I am feeling like I have a lot to keep track of so I am starting this up. I have one active website going to document our travels and highlight our YouTube channel. But this is going to focus on the Geek side of things. We are full time RVers / campers but there is a good bit of time inside the RV where my “hobby” is learning new things - mostly web technologies in a very broad spectrum.

I have a lot of experience using the Drupal content management system but it was just getting too big and clumsy to manage for a small / simple site like a blog. Just keeping up with security updates was a real hassle if you were not deep in the technology. But it did have very nice authoring tools as does WordPress. At the moment I am pretty much typing into a notepad type editor with no bells and whistles. Really the main thing I miss is spell checking ;-) – which I now have … ask and yee should find.

from Aug 2002 done with just HTML tables and CSS

first version of

Since I left the normal workforce. I have learned video editing with DaVinci Resolve, managed a YouTube channel (not very successfully) and visited a lot of nice campgrounds and done lots of hiking.

I started looking at YouTube videos on web development after building a Drupal website to sell our house - that worked well but for a 2 page website it was a lot of work to get setup and looking ok.

I found out about cool “new” things in CSS like grid and flexbox where were they 15 years ago ;-) I just kept digging in and liked what I found so here we go.

Daniel Boone Nat Forest

Daniel Boone National Forest

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